Carpets the best ally against the cold

The carpets They are a perfect ally for our rooms when the cold arrives, as well as a magnificent decorative complement. Whatever their texture, they allow us to walk barefoot without cooling down, to take shelter in them with the maximum possible comfort and to prepare dinners around a table, sitting on the floor. You can put carpets in practically any place in the house and improve the appearance of the rooms. A daring design or a tropical color can modernize the appearance of a room and give it more life, while its fabric wears and warms when temperatures drop.

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You can find carpets made in very diverse fabrics and with varied and curious designs. The most used, and also the warmest, are nylon, wool and cotton, but there are also leather or silk, softer and more delicate materials. In addition, you can choose between long-haired carpets, ideal for winter, or short-haired, fresher but not so appropriate for these dates.

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We must ensure that the carpets be as neat as possible and clean, because, by their texture or color (white, for example, they stain more frequently), they are a safe focus of germs and dirt, which are stuck between the fibers of their hairs. Children often spend a lot of time lying down and playing on the rugs, and that is why we must keep their hygiene to the maximum, passing a brush frequently over. This will also improve the quality of the fabric's own hair.

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There are other specific products for your care, some of them special to avoid the appearance of mold, very typical if we keep the carpet attached to a constant heat source, such as heating, since it generates humidity.

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However, following these small maintenance tips, you can enjoy your carpets with all the tranquility and comfort of the world.

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