Carpets in accordance with the decoration

Among the variety of accessories and accessories that can give life to a living room are the carpets . They are the great allies to decorate the floor in wide spaces.
Perhaps the big doubt about them is whether we want them to be a prolongation of the design of the room in which they are staying or, on the contrary, we prefer that they be independent elements.

This selection shows the first option: carpets that are totally in accordance with the decoration of the room.

Decorative rugs 1

This is what we see in the first proposal: the colors of the carpet are on the same line as the sofas, puffs and cushions in the living room. What do we get with this? A more integrated and uniform decoration.

The multicolored checkered carpet blends perfectly with the style of this lively bedroom. It is in tune with its colors and with the design full of 'pop art' details. In addition, a carpet that covers the entire floor prints a lot of personality to the total set.

Decorative carpets 2

This more ethnic style carpet fits perfectly with the style of bedroom decoration.

Decorative carpets 3

It also integrates this fluffy wool rug, whose texture stands out on the wooden floor, providing great warmth to the living room. The carpets, as a decorative complement, always add up, are an extra for the design of a certain room.

Decorative rugs 4

Finally, a modernist carpet in black velvet that matches the style it accompanies, a living room full of modernist and contemporary details.

Decorative carpets 5


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