Carpet of balls, a must in decoration

Carpets ... a decorative accessory since the tenth century has gradually become more protagonist. It stopped being used in the walls to add its use and presence to all the spaces of the home. He left the story palaces to settle in the homes of each and every one of us.

Carpet of Balls 1

Now ... when we made the decision to buy a carpet to add to the decoration thousands are the questions that come to mind. But surely, the one that most provokes a headache is what style to choose.

The first thing that will come to mind are the classic designs, which we are used to seeing ... but why not liven up the Ball Carpet ????

Ball Carpet 3

Can I imagine what you just thought: Ball Rugs ??? Yes!!! You can not deny that you have ever seen them and called your attention. Each day these rugs gain more ground in the decorative field and have become a key accessory that can be the center or focal point for its design and style.

Ball Carpet 4

This type of carpet is made entirely with small felt balls, all in natural bright colors and 100% New Zealand wool. The dyes with which they are given their color are free of chemicals. They also have a natural protective layer that makes them repel dirt and water. Therefore, it makes them ideal for children and even our pets!

Ball Carpet 5

The best of all is the great variety of designs and colors in which we find them available. Round and rectangular and in 15 designs. But, again ... This is not everything!!! Would you encourage yourself to make your own designs for the ball carpets of your home ???? It is a daring and unique proposal! In have created a New Custom Carpet Design Tool. You can choose between 65 colors and combine them to your liking. Without forgetting that, in addition to this, you can build your own pattern.

Unleash your imagination and customize your rug as much as you want!

Ball Carpet 2

You can decorate your home to taste and feel proud of your design once you have it at home.

If the idea has pleased you, but you still have some doubts, keep in mind that if you have any doubts the ball carpet specialists will be there to help you and assist you in whatever you need.

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