Canapé beds: a different wardrobe

The canapé beds folding are those that house a spatial solution under the mattress itself. They are very useful if we want to keep the bedding or other things when we do not have enough space in the closets. They are so practical that it is worth having at least one bed of this type at home, it never hurts to have an extra storage place just in case.

Beds canapé 1

They also have many advantages, such as everything that we store under the canopy will be safe from dust and dirt, as its interior is completely insulated. The space of this chest can be compartmentalized in a simple way, for cases in which we are going to place clothes of different seasons.

Canapé beds 2

Canapé beds 3

It allows us to store many things, not just clothes. We can also store discs, books, objects that we will not use, bags or suitcases, shoes ... all those things that you do not know where to put but that you do not want to have in between.

Canapé beds 4

Canapé beds 5

Thanks to its folding and flexible system, this watertight compartment can be opened very easily, since it barely weighs. Some model also opens laterally, as if it were a drawer, making the task even easier. They are solutions to save space that are already present in many homes.

Canapé beds 6

Canapé beds 7


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