Cabinets to organize bathroom utensils

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to decorating and organizing bathroom It is where to accommodate all the utensils that we usually have. Cosmetics, shampoos and gels, towels, soaps, hair dryers and other so many beauty supplies y personal cleanliness They need to be ordered in separate drawers, for a quick retrieval. And if the bathroom is a rather small place, we will still need a better use of space.

Organizers for the bathroom 1

But it is easy to achieve it. A first proposal is to get some small cabinets, formed by independent drawers, and add some shelves on the sink. Some things we will arrange to have more at hand, while others, that we do not use so frequently, will go to the drawers. It is important that, visually, the bathroom does not seem overloaded with objects, because we will be getting the opposite result to the intended one.

Organizers for the bathroom 2

In this second proposal we see an imaginative idea very organized and stylish. In each small container we place a name that identifies the usefulness of the products that we are going to place: those destined to the care of the body, those destined to the hair or the face ... organization and a lot of style.

Organizers for the bathroom 3

If we have a well-arranged wardrobe, but we want to give it a more personal style, we can cover it on the inside with different prints. In addition, we put trays and baskets for each type of product, separating from each other and creating an atmosphere of cleanliness, hygiene and a lot of care.

Organizers for the bathroom 4

This metal cabinet with trays-drawer units is also very practical. Also, small hangers for towels or a bathrobe can not be missing.

Organizers for the bathroom 5

Organizers for the bathroom 6

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