Burgundy red as a perfect ally of elegance

The burgundy red It is a color that more and more people are turning to. And reasons are not lacking as it is a beautiful color that not only looks great, it also combines a wide range of colors. From the most sober as gray or beige to the most striking as green, blue or fuchsia. It gives a lot of play and will give the stay in which you use it a great feeling of elegance and distinction.

The color burgundy red, also know as red cherry o Garnet, It is suitable for all your stays so there is no limit to get the maximum potential.

Decorate with burgundy red 1

This spacious and modern bedroom combined with glossy black lacquered furniture, gray floor mostly covered by a beautiful beige carpet that brings warmth to the room. The Bordeaux It makes the main color, since it predominates in the two key elements in a bedroom: the bed and the main wall.

Decorate with burgundy red 2

This kitchen is a marvel in functional design, maintaining an exquisite taste. The cabinets are burgundy red, with black and white side surfaces. It replaces the wall with glass that multiplies the luminosity and amplitude, while at the same time giving shine to the furniture.

Decorate with burgundy red 3

In the bathroom it also gives a strong look and Elegant , either in the walls, curtains, accessories or as in this image It combines two opposite poles as black and white and introduces the storage furniture of a color as vibrant as the burgundy red which becomes the strong point of the stay. A luxury to take a bubble bath!

Redecorate your favorite stay! Give it a touch Elegant , one touch Bordeaux !

Decorate with burgundy red 4

Photos: freefotosbank.com

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