Brushstrokes of burgundy red in the bedroom

The burgundy red or garnet is a sophisticated and romantic color, excellent choice to give life in such intimate spaces as the bedroom . It is the darkest range of red, a perfect range for the construction of atmospheres or scenarios with charm.

Rooms in burgundy red 1

With this color we can dress the bedding or the wall, but the uses of bordeaux are unlimited. Whether giving a small brushstrokes to brighten the room, or using it with more prominence, this color will give us excellent results, the view is in these proposals that we bring you.

Rooms in burgundy red 2

It can be a dull red or a tone closer to purple if we add some brushstrokes of blue, but in both cases the atmosphere achieved is the same: romantic interiors and a fantasy point.

Rooms in burgundy red 3

Combined with white, this color enhances the interior of the bedroom and is a counterpoint to the natural lighting of the neutral color. Cool interiors with an exotic point, as you see, using both colors with balance and harmony.

Rooms in burgundy red 4

Combined with black, another color with which the red house marvelously, we will get a Gothic style to the bedroom so attractive. But in addition to these basic colors (black and white), burgundy can be combined with other colors such as navy blue, gray, brown or brown, muted earth and green tones, and it is not preferable to join pastel shades or ranges electric. Opt for neutral tones to achieve results more in tune with the beauty and elegance of burgundy.

Rooms in burgundy red 5

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