Bright loft with a great storage proposal

Have a good home space for storage of our most personal and everyday objects is one of those things necessary for the proper functioning of a home. A place with enough space or, at least, with the maximum capacity to order things in the best possible way.

Bright loft 1

Well know the owners of this loft located in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, who had the great idea of ​​creating a solution for storage tremendously ingenious. As we see, it is a wall where small square blocks stand out, leaving in the middle holes with the capacity to put all kinds of decorative objects, from indoor plants to a globe, a vintage clock, books, lamps, a telephone ... in short, the personal belongings of their tenants.

Bright loft 2

An ingenious idea inspired by chess boards that allows you to distribute lots of things without hardly taking up space, giving the loft a very flattering air. And, in addition, it benefits from the altitude of the roofs of Scandinavian housing, with which the idea is excellent.

Bright loft 3

As it is located in the back wall, it avoids other structural problems and thus this space is mimicked with the rest of the house. The truth is that it is a great solution for those places where there is not enough space or desire to place more furniture or a large closet, or where shelf shelves would be insufficient.

Bright loft 4

Bright Loft 5

In this way, this beautiful modular shelf achieves its dual purpose of being practical and decorative in a very efficient way, adding an architectural ingenuity to this spectacular loft. In it, very functional furniture coexist with others of vintage style in a perfect harmony.

Bright loft 6


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