Bright accents in the current minimalist decor

Minimalism is one of the most important decorative styles of the twentieth century and nowadays it has become very popular both for the practicality that is to live and for how easy it is to add any accent to personalize it. We are not talking about the exaggerated minimalism of a decade or two ago but of a new minimalism that admits many variations.

Bright details in minimalism 1

The style currently acts as a blank canvas on which we can add the bright accents that everyone wants. A work of art, a characteristic piece of furniture or any decorative object will stand out in a minimalist decoration.

Bright details in minimalism 2

Adding color complements will create a very attractive contrast and we will not need a large color palette, with just one or two colors we will make the decoration more attractive and fun. It's the good thing about working with a neutral base that simply with a few touches of color will take on a great personality.

Bright details in minimalism 3

A room in minimalist style can be somewhat cold but it is certainly very practical, nothing disturbs or bothers us. And just by adding a bright accent that can be from a decorative object to a simple window that allows us to enjoy a magnificent landscape will become a practical and at the same time cozy and relaxing.

Bright details in minimalism 4

The kitchen is another of the rooms of the house that take advantage very well in this style. The straight lines and flat surfaces are an invitation to use the kitchen. The accent can be given with a comfortable and practical seating area with a little color and good natural lighting.

Bright details in minimalism 5

Minimalism today does not have to be a cold and impersonal style, on the contrary we can and must customize it to our liking with bright accents that turn the stay into a more attractive and livable place.


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