Breakfast tables in rustic style

At rustic style what is natural That is why breakfast in these tables it brings us back into contact with the landscapes of our childhood, a past time in which everything was done in an artisanal way and remained in contact with nature. Authentic breakfasts in rustic style.

Breakfast tables in rustic style1

Breakfast tables No frills, if any floral, since simplicity is sought above all. The tables are made of washed wood, wicker or bamboo and have a natural carelessness that embellishes them. They are monochrome environments.

For this you can use old pieces of furniture that you have at home, such as elongated tables or auxiliary furniture, but you should not give them any coat of varnish or paint them (with a surface cleaning is more than enough), as this would lose their genuine appearance, which is what it is about, to recreate a traditional atmosphere full of simplicity.

Breakfast tables in rustic style2

Breakfast tables in rustic style3

The chairs that accompany these tables do not necessarily have to be made of wood: you can use plastic chairs, armchairs or stools. The main thing is to recreate an environment as homely and comfortable as possible. We only lack the typical products on a breakfast table, such as a loaf of bread, a basket with fruit, a jug of milk and freshly brewed coffee.

Breakfast tables in rustic style4

Breakfast tables in rustic style5

Breakfast tables in rustic style6


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