Brass details for any decorative style

Is Copper and zinc alloy , so used in previous times, it seems that he wants to return to our homes. The designers of last tendencies are introducing more and more complements in this material in their decorations. The brass with its warm color It can give an elegant touch to almost any decorative style. The fields where it is being used most are in the decoration of the kitchen and the bathroom.

Decorative details in brass 6

In this kitchen In modern style brass, used in the taps and the bell in addition to the handles, complements perfectly with the natural wood details of the furniture.

Decorative details in brass 2

Decorative details in brass 3

In the bathrooms The most important use of brass elements is in everything related to the faucet. Both for vintage styles and eclectic styles, it brings that traditional and warm touch that makes it so interesting.

Decorative details in brass 4

Decorative details in brass 5

The brass accessories They combine perfectly with black or dark tones and with white. As we can see in the images above, we can introduce brass complements in different decorative styles without any of them missing at all.

Decorative details in brass 7

Decorative details in brass 8

In a rustic style bathroom brass is almost essential, it gives that old rural touch that by tradition corresponds to it. But it can also be introduced in more modern environments even as a simple complement as we see in the tray of the bathtub in the photograph below.

Decorative details in brass 9

As you have seen the brass can be introduced in any environment, for example clear of this modern kitchen, the sconces and the chain of the mirrors contrast with the elegant blue wall. On the other hand the table and some chairs have chrome or stainless steel parts and the set does not detract at all.


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