Bottles and jars as decorative accessories

The bottles and jars are great to decorate those little corners that abound for a house. Centerpieces, shelves and shelves You can acquire another nuance thanks to these details that will fill the house with color and beauty. We refer, of course, to that you use that type of decorative bottles specially designed for it, and that can be found in household stores of home.

Bottles and bottles of colors 1

With the softness of blue or a relaxing green you can make very special centerpieces, to which we can then add some other detail to improve these fresh and very natural ornaments. But in any color range we will obtain identical and flattering results. Just think about what colors are the best for the home, those that match the walls, the sofa or other elements that are part of the environment.

Bottles and bottles of colors 2

Another interesting idea, ideal for the most collectors of the house, is to gather small perfume bottles and bottles and distribute them by different shelves. There are those who fill them with sand from the beach, water, flowers and even those who leave them open, so that the air is filled with the fragrances contained in these bottles.

Bottles and bottles of colors 3

Bottles and bottles of colors 4

So, as we see, it is very easy to create creations like these, which are what often put the note of color in a room, making the environment even more welcoming. Also, now that the Christmas can be a great option to combine our more special table centers next to pinecones, saplings, crowns and spruce balls .

Bottles and bottles of colors 5

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