Bookcase headboards for your room

When the available spaces in our room are not many and we want to have all those things that we adore, we must sharpen the ingenuity and look for the way to take advantage of each one of the available spaces for the decor . Combine what we like, with style and decor It can be a nice challenge to overcome. That is why, think about the headboards with shelving is a good option.

Bookcase headboards for your room

Bookshelf headboards - Idea nº 1

A modern idea, which offers endless possibilities, with the particularity of being able to offer you the desired style according to the decor What are we looking for.
In this case, the headboard It will fulfill a double function, useful and organizational and decorative. All at the same time.
As you can see in the proposals, in all the bedrooms the protagonist is a nice bed but whose headboard It is something more functional than usual.
It is a shelving headboard that can serve as storage furniture and earn us some space in the cabinets.
This fantastic idea can be adapted not only to a small shelf, you can also use larger shelves, playing with colored sizes and shelves. There are no limits to the imagination.

Headboards bookshelf for your room 1

Bookshelf headboards - Idea nº 2

Bookcase headboards for your room 2

Bookcase headboards - Idea nº 3

Bookcase headboards for your room 3

Bookshelf headboards - Idea nº 4

This topic has seemed most interesting given that today we try to adapt to the new times and what happens to society today, are small flats and once again we teach you to give a touch of functionality to the house .


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