Boho chic style balconies

The style boho chic is the combination what part of a bohemian style of urban and rustic influence with a careful attention to detail. Corners full of color, with varied and floral details, urban and comfortable scenes, these are the balconies decorated with freshness, naturalness and comfort.

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If you have a small balcony or outside terrace at home and you do not know how to decorate it, these proposals will help you define the style, making these outdoor scenarios look alive and made for enjoyment.

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Balcony boho chic 3

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The style boho chic admits influences of different stylistic tendencies , especially more ethnic styles where different accessories with a lot of character abound. The introduction of these accessories in a way that seems so improvised will help us to see these environments as scenarios with a very spontaneous stylistic richness.

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This cool and bohemian style does not do without carpets, carpets and fabrics of the best craftsmanship, and finds in the use of these small accessories all the charm and personality necessary to create unique, intimate and welcoming settings.

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Boho chic balcony 10

Boho chic balcony 11

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In the boho chic there are many color-filled palettes , of electric colors where pink, blue, yellow or orange provide an exquisite illumination. Other more neutral tones, including earth tones, can be added to these luminous colors to create a select atmosphere.

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Balcony boho chic 14

Boho chic balcony 15

Boho chic balcony 16

Balcony boho chic 17

Moroccan-style lamps, Turkish rugs, loungers and hammocks, travel blankets for the coldest nights ... There is an incredible assortment of elements that nuance and bring a lot of charm to these very personal atmospheres.

Balcony boho chic 18

Balcony boho chic 19

Boho chic balcony 20

Balcony boho chic 21

In addition, we can give them the air that we like the most, adding objects from our most personal collection and completing with pots and outdoor plants in the style of vines. We also add wicker seats or hammocks, thus creating scenarios full of natural beauty.

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Balcony boho chic 23

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