Bohemian style details

A little inspiration for our home is what I propose to find today is these photographs. Details of bohemian style , objects of yesteryear that have been collected in different places and moments, occupying a place among the objects that decorate our home. The bohemian style is one of the most used in recent years in order to give the decor a purely personal style.

Bohemian style details

Colors, textures, and objects of different styles are what define it and give it the characteristic notes of this decorative style , as they are:
  • Mix styles and designs so that everything takes a look older than real.
  • Use cold colors, violet, red, brown for example.
  • Fabrics of heavy textures and with a lot of body and presence.
  • Use the classic white sheets but with this yellowish tone for years on sofas, lamps, tables and others is one of its classic tools.
  • The best place to get the furniture and other accessories to establish this style are the flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, and everyone .... You can take your trips to get objects.
  • Use and place Arabic style objects such as crockery, cushions, curtains and others.
  • Buy all different chairs, give new uses to objects such as a blanket as a carpet, place garlands of lights, place hammocks in the corners of your home, place frames, mirrors and paintings on the floor or on shelves, many times it is better than on the walls but it is something that you can apply partially taking into account how you are presenting the decoration of the home .... and so you can follow our list of measures to take to achieve the Bohemian style ...
In essence, following these steps you can create and enjoy a style as personal as the bohemian. But now to enjoy a little of these photographs and their proposals.

Details of bohemian style 1

Details of bohemian style 2

Details of bohemian style 3

Details of bohemian style 4

Details of Bohemian style 5

Details of Bohemian style 6

Photos: Periodliving

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