Blue and pink, a unique combination for the bedroom

Some colors like pink and the blue (in all its ranges) they are ideal to create cheerful spaces with a romantic air. Based on these tones and what different ways can be combined and used, we will see a series of elegant and fun proposals for the bedroom. The first of these is this flowery room where both colors, blue and pink, stand out from the bedspread itself and cushions to go to wear other decorations of the room. In this case, the chosen range is cheerful, festive and very dynamic, matching green, yellow, white and orange. A feminine room, youthful and full of clarity.

Rooms in blue and pink 1

The following proposal, in more sober tones, and why not, sophisticated, reveals a very feminine space, where pink is transformed into fuchsia and blue can be seen from the brushstrokes of the wall and from the bed itself. Both colors create a very personal atmosphere, in this case with a very appropriate classic point.

Rooms in blue and pink 2

Something more baroque presents this proposal of a youth bedroom, where pastel blue and gray are the absolute stars. The pink, a secondary clearing, reinforces the base shades with its elegance and delicacy.

Rooms in blue and pink 3

These proposals could serve both a youth room and a guest room. Classic furniture and a little retro decor in pastel tones in the first image, a range that, as we have seen, creates more refined environments.

Rooms in blue and pink 4

Rooms in blue and pink 6

Finally, a proposal for children's rooms: pink and blue are joined to the great dynamism that the different drawings of the decoration give off, forming a calm and at the same time happy space.

Rooms in blue and pink v5

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