Blue and brown, a classic and elegant combination

Blue and brown together are a traditional combination that works very well in different spaces and places. This color combination can provide freshness and relaxation or add energy and color to a room, it will depend on the chosen tones of each of the colors. They are a sure success when we use them together and they are very versatile.


This classic style office where furniture and floor show its natural brown color is illuminated and happy thanks to the blue used in the walls. Going from an excessive classicism to a classic-rustic with a lot of freshness.


When we choose vibrant shades of both colors, especially blue, we can get very lively and cheerful spaces as we see in this kitchen. Once again the brown, except for some detail in the tiles, lies mainly in the furniture.


In the bathroom this combination can also work perfectly. A modern and elegant bathroom like this where brown and blue predominates is reserved to give the note of contrast.


If we use pastels of these colors we can achieve very relaxing environments ideal for a children's room or a game room. It also results in a combination of great elegance.


This living room is a clear example of what we are talking about, the elegance of this color combination that can be diversified using different nuances of each of the colors. We can get interesting effects by dosing the intensity of the proposed colors.


But this combination also allows us to risk and play at the limit, strong, intense and vibrant tones to create decorations with high visual impact.

Photos: homedit

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