Blinds, a practical and simple solution

If you have tired of the traditional curtains , the blinds They are a very good alternative to dress the windows in a simple way. They are a perfect solution for any type of window thanks to its versatility that allows to hang it from the frame, the wall or the ceiling. They are also an economical solution if you must change or place curtains for the first time.


Types of most common Blinds :

Rod curtains : This is the most common blind used in homes, is composed of horizontal rods that define their folds, allowing a perfect bend when climbing.

rod blind

Blinds to packages : Similar to the previous one with the difference that they do not have the rods that delimit the folds giving it this way
an irregular termination due to the slings produced when climbing it.

blind to packages

Louvre or Venetian blinds : They are the most used in offices and modern environments, they are made of wood, plastic or aluminum. The slats can be oriented for more or less light income.

Venetian blinds

Roller blinds : It is a smooth cloth panel with a rotating roller that allows to roll and unroll easily while keeping the surface smooth.

roller blind

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