Black and white for your bathroom

Black and white, a usual but unusual combination for bathing.

Black and white for your bathroom 1

We can make this common and distinguished combination our ally when it comes to decorating the bathroom. You just have to go through.
To do this, a combination of both colors was used for the floors and coverings, maintaining the white color on the ceiling, openings and the half of the wall so as not to lose lighting and the black color only on the remaining half of the wall until get to the roof.
For the floor, a combination of both colors was chosen. Doing it only in black would absorb too much light and we may not feel comfortable; and in opposition to doing everything white, although it is beneficial because of the light, if we have children it is color that nothing disguises therefore we must live cleaning the floor. Therefore, this combination is suitable for people living alone and does not have much time for cleaning, for those who have children and also, of course, for those who like this distinguished combination.
On the other hand, we can observe that for the furniture of the bathroom also the artifacts were chosen in white color, combining different designs and giving a French touch to the whole of the decoration.
The rest of the color you can give it with white, that is, with towels and bath towels, bath mats and small details and accessories that you want to add to your bathroom.
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