Biological concrete for green facades

The concrete developed by the Structural Technology Group of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC) makes possible the microbiological life in the facades. This patented concrete is composed of three layers that allow and favor the growth of biological organisms such as microalgae, fungi, mosses and lichens, which can not only give the building a green appearance, but also improve its thermal conditions and reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Ecological concrete 1

The physical structure of this concrete is distributed in a waterproof base and two more layers, one that provides conditions conducive to the development of microbiological organisms and another that has the capacity to retain moisture. When you think of green facades vertical gardens come to mind but researchers say that what differentiates concrete bio from other systems such as vertical gardens is that it is an integral part of the construction or facade. There is no need for containers for plant growth since it is the concrete itself that supports it.

Ecological concrete 2

Although bio concrete is still under investigation and has not yet commercialized, the patent for the concept is in process and there is interest in producing the biological concrete by some company in the sector. Meanwhile, researchers are looking for a way to accelerate the natural growth of organisms so that it takes less than a year to get a green facade. This is an interesting and innovative concept that definitely has its advantages over a vertical garden. The colonization of mosses and lichens, as well as other biological organisms can be designed and there is no additional installation process necessary. Biological concrete can also be used in various areas, from facades to gardens as its surface can receive different finishes of color and shape.


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