Beds in attics: sleeping on the heights

Place a bed in a loft It is always a successful and practical solution to solve the issue of space and the problem of the bedroom in very small houses. Current trends propose solutions for practically all conflicts that may arise, and space is usually the first.

Beds in attics 1

Sleeping in the heights is still an attractive idea. Many may be fascinated by this option, from which they will dominate the whole house from a bird's eye view. You have to be careful with the roof, yes, if the attic leaves us at a height very close to it. But if we are lucky enough to live in a house with very high ceilings, we are in luck. Our bed in the mezzanine will be like sleeping on an indoor terrace. A luxury!

Beds in attics 2

Beds in mezzanine 3

There are many contemporary homes that incorporate this type of special habitat, that of the attics, to create new solutions as useful and irresistible as this one, without leaving comfort aside. In English they are known as "loft beds" ("beds loft") for its great resemblance to the classic attics of large houses, which is accessed by a staircase and a small trapdoor. We could see that similarity in these proposals, of course.

Beds in mezzanines 4

Beds in attics 5

They are really simple spaces to create. In addition they do not take up almost anything: a little more than the size of the mattress. They create places of rest and reading optimal, very welcoming. We will feel like a bird in its nest, safe.

Beds in mezzanines 6

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