Bedrooms with striped decoration

A good way to change the decor of the bedroom without changing the furniture we have is changing the color of the walls. In addition to painting them in other colors than white, we can give a more informal, bold and innovative touch painting with stripes . These can be horizontal or vertical, of one or several colors. In many cases, we can also paint only one of the walls, by way of elegant headboard . The choice is to your liking, but what we guarantee is that you will see your room very favored.

Striped rooms 1

The first thing you should do is measure the wall to find an equal division of lines and that they are of equal size. If you choose to perform vertical stripes , you will get more depth and space in the room, especially the larger the color lines. If, on the contrary, you opt for the horizontal stripes , you will make the walls look wider from side to side.

Striped rooms 2

Striped rooms 3

Striped rooms 4

Painting with soft and neutral colors, you will create a more peaceful and calm climate. With intense colors you will achieve the opposite effect: a more dynamic and current environment. You can choose a single color or dare with several. Combine them before on a panel to see how it is and avoid last minute surprises. Before starting to paint, it is also recommended that the wall be smooth and not covered with gotelé. Thus, the paint layer will be more uniform.

Striped rooms 5

Striped rooms 6

Striped rooms 7

Striped rooms 8

At the time of painting, help yourself with a measuring tape to mark the lines you are going to color. Then cover them with adhesive tape to clearly define the area you have to paint. This will make the task easier for you.

Striped rooms 9

The dark stripes in brown or gray are of topical relevance. They will give a very sophisticated and intimate touch to the room. Blue, red, orange and green are more successful and youthful colors, ideal for decorating your children's room.

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