Bedrooms with a touch of color

Glad the bedrooms with daring touches of color, you can do it in different ways, with some wall painted in a bright color or parts of a wall, with accessories or furniture in intense and striking colors. We are going to show you some bedrooms with different color touches so that you can choose the shape that best suits your taste.

Rooms with color 1

In this bedroom, colored dots have been placed on the wall of the headboard of the bed, you can paint or paste colored vinyls. It has also opted to give an intense color to the wardrobe, all this contrasts with the neutral colors of walls, floors and light wood furniture.

Rooms with color 2

A wall, that of the desk covered with photographs can also be a good way to add color and impact. Especially if accompanied with a chair for the desk in a strong color.

Rooms with color 3

Coordinate with a color like green in furniture, coritnas and accessories plus a touch of color in the pillow of the armchair will create a cheerful and without stridency.

Rooms with color 4

In this rustic room where the neutral colors of old wood predominate, a color detail has been provided with the roof garlands that also help to make it closer given its height.

Rooms with color 5

In this modern but sober bedroom, the wall of the headboard of the bed has been painted with a contrasting color that adds light to the ambience that would otherwise be too serious.

Rooms with color 6

Rooms with color 7

The option to brighten the wall where the bed rests is quite common, color, mirrors that add light to the environment, are options that coordinated with complements in the same color can make the bedroom much more relaxed and happy.

Rooms with color 8

Rooms with color 9

In the children's and youth bedrooms this option is already a classic and the use of bright and cheerful color combinations is much more widespread.


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