Bedrooms in white with color details

The White It is a basic color within the home. A very helpful color that is always left to love when decorating. In these bedrooms, the neutral nature of white is stained with some details in color to transport us to more comfortable places, where sleep overcomes us.

Rooms in white 1

Since white is a neutral color, it combines well with all the chromatic ranges that we want to add to it. It is part of the magic of this color, bright and radiant, but sometimes it can also be monotonous. Therefore, with a few strokes of color, these rooms will look more welcoming and alive, and in all kinds of styles, whether it is a modern style or, on the contrary, more classic.

Rooms in white 2

In Scandinavian homes, for example, they know that white is a basic and a reference for the light it brings to spaces. The color details in the complements that nourish the room (the cushions, the bedspread or the bedspread, the bedside table, the pictures and posters on the wall, the pots ...) will give a break to these rooms. In addition, we can create at our pleasure different styles for each room.

Rooms in white 3

Rooms in white 4

It is a proposal that seeks simplicity within spaces, illuminating them with very few details. Many times the secret of an interior decorated with style is in those little nuances ...

Rooms in white 5

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