Bedrooms decorated with concrete finish

As you know concrete is fashionable, both in decoration and architecture, although it has always been there or at least for many years. But before he tried to make up his appearance and instead now prefers to expose him naked, showing his natural appearance. All this is related to the importance that has taken the industrial style in the decoration of our days and also the so-called unfinished style where showing some parts of the structure of the house without finishing is the most. And do not think that the bedrooms are outside of this fashion, then we will show you a few examples of how you can decorate a room with exposed concrete.

Rooms with concrete 1

It might seem, well a boat soon, that this finish is too hard for a bedroom but nothing is further from reality. For a simple reason, concrete with its characteristic neutral gray color admits any combination. So if we combine concrete walls with wooden furniture and wood or carpet floors we can create very attractive and cozy bedrooms.

Rooms with concrete 2

As you can see in the examples of the superior images, these two proposed combinations are modern as well as comfortable and cozy. The concrete with its total neutrality can be combined with any material and obviously the key will be there, in the materials that we choose to combine with the concrete.

Rooms with concrete 3

Rooms with concrete 6

Rooms with concrete 5

You can also appreciate the different ways that exist to achieve that finish in concrete. There are many ways, as many as constructive techniques can be made with concrete. But of course we all do not have access to one of these great modern houses made of concrete. Do not worry because the market for decorative materials is always up to date and already offers a wide variety of materials that can mimic the finish of concrete.

Rooms with concrete 4

From the economical and practical wallpaper, like this one you see in the photo above, yes, it is a wallpaper that perfectly reproduces a concrete wall with different finishes. The resemblance is huge.

Rooms with concrete 7

Even plaster finished with this aspect of prefabricated concrete. Lighter and easier to install than the homologous concrete plates. And between both ends we can find many other decorative options that will allow us to turn one of the walls of our bedroom into a concrete wall or with all the aspect of it.


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