Beautiful Parisian apartments

Paris still has that particular charm that makes us imagine it as the mecca of glamor and style. Living in Paris in one of these apartments that we have selected would surely be an experience that none of us would be able to refuse. Even I, who have so much trouble moving my body through those worlds of God, would spend a season in beautiful Paris and stay in one of these magnificent examples of good taste and knowledge of the inhabitants of the romantic city.

Beautiful Parisian apartments 1

Something very common in Paris is to find old buildings restored, the good work of the designers leaves in evidence that historical burden to highlight its antiquity. This is not an obstacle to choosing modern and contemporary designs where both temporal currents merge.

Beautiful Parisian apartments 2

These historic apartments offer a peculiar distribution of spaces that allow to create beautiful decorations in any style. This apartment in two heights shows its long history in those wooden beams but the eclectic decoration with pieces of different currents does not detract at all.

Beautiful Parisian apartments 3

In this bohemian luxury decoration, pallets have been used for the bed and a cowhide rug. Rustic wooden furniture in a minimalist environment. The white base is the perfect canvas to trace the masterful lines of decoration.

Beautiful Parisian apartments 4

A Parisian loft we could title this design. Once again under a roof with old wooden beams, a unique space has been created with intelligent solutions for a warm experience.

Beautiful Parisian apartments 5

The high ceilings of the historic Parisian houses allow a life at various heights. And the decoration is summarized by brushstrokes when you can enjoy that fantastic structure of wood on your walls.

Beautiful Parisian apartments 6

Paris has lived a lot, it has passed through all the cultural currents of recent centuries, it has been the cultural melting pot of the world for a long time. Maybe that's why eclecticism is a fundamental value for Parisians. Here we see in this motley dining room an example of this, collection chairs gathered in a space where almost all the decorative trends of recent times coexist.

Beautiful Parisian apartments 7

But there are also contemporary spaces, do not think that now the inhabitants of Paris live in a bubble, this bright and contrasted room is a clear example that the most current trends also have their place in the city of love.


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