Beautiful loft with vintage details

This is an example of loft with finish industrial to which a decoration with details vintage He is doing great. The contrast between the wooden ceiling with metal structure and that eclectic style manages to create an interior full of personality and beauty.

loft with vintage details1

The living room stands out with a decoration in purple tones and electric rose on white that invigorates a lot, and is full of accessories and accessories that project an image of maximum comfort and care for detail.

loft with vintage details2

loft with vintage3 details

The interior space is harmonious; It combines several styles (semi-Nordic for its use of white, but with rustic, vintage and modernist details) in the same space, endowing the house with good taste and distinction.

In the kitchen, the metal furniture is consistent with the industrial base where this house is built, while the retro style fridge adds character and prints style.

loft with vintage details4

loft with vintage details5

The upper part, with an attic shape, is also worth mentioning: in this area of ​​the loft, the bedroom and bathroom have been located. The wooden beams and the accessories with so much vintage flavor recreate a delicate atmosphere, as of another time. A beautiful interior bathed in light and dominated by white, ideal for rest.

loft with vintage details6

loft with vintage details7

loft with vintage details8


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