Beautiful decorative details in a youth studio

A youth study can not have a lot of space, obviously, but that does not mean we can not decorate it with style and glamor. Everything will depend on the decorative objects we use to create a fresh but elegant atmosphere. In this example that we bring you, this aspect has been intensely worked on. Over one white base to provide luminosity the environment has been used a lot of color elements to create a young, cheerful and stylish studio.

Youth study 1

The cushions they are the great allies to introduce color in an environment, economically, pleasantly and easily reversible.

Youth study 2

The living area connects to the rest of the areas, bedroom and work, thanks to a cowhide carpet . With its asymmetry and its combination of colors is a type of carpets that take a lot in the latest decorative trends.

Youth study 3

Reproductions of the Chanel collection made by Andy Warhol are an elegant way to decorate the walls.

Youth study 4

A good one combination of images and texts They decorate another of the walls. Experimenting is essential to find the solution that most satisfies us.

Youth study 5

The candles They are another of the decorative objects that always look good in any decoration, color and fragrance in the same element.

Youth Study 6

Books, frames and objects charming are essential to improve the presence of a dresser or dresser.

Youth study 7

The philosophy of the owner of this study is clear, spend on quality furniture and save on decorative objects . This makes it easier and more practical to change the decoration simply by changing the decorative objects as they do not require a large investment.

Youth Study 8

It is also essential to know how to buy. The decorative objects that decorate the studio have been acquired little by little in different stores and new objects are mixed with old ones . If we buy everything at once in the same trade, the final result is very catalog, impersonal.

Youth study 9

In any corner there is a small work table, but in small spaces it is important that we can give more than one use.

Youth study 10

Yet simple desktop You can always improve the appearance with some decorative objects and stationery.

Youth study 11

And for him bathroom nothing better to decorate than a pretty perfume bottle collection .

Youth study 12

Youth study 13

Keep your eyes and spirit open are a great tool to get the decoration you want. No need to incur disproportionate expenses.

Youth Study 14

Or are not these jars to keep silverware? Simply using the imagination and the view will allow us to decorate any environment in an easy way.


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