Beautiful and modern weekend cabin

When the stress of daily routine begins to weigh, it is time to retire to a beautiful cabin In the woods. This weekend house, the work of the studio Verstas Architects , is all an example of how to spend a few days away from civilization with all the guarantees and in the best conditions, even if for that we have to travel to Finland, which is where it is located.

Design cottage 1

A Log cabin which is a good example of how you can live peacefully in the woods and not remember at all the comforts of the city, because this house does not lack anything and has a capacity to accommodate about four occupants.

Design cottage 2

Design Cabin 3

Inside we find a very good use of your space. In addition, it is equipped with everything you need. Large kitchen, wardrobes, sofa bed, loft with extra bed ... All decorated with a charming minimalism and modernity, with furniture, floors, ceiling and walls built in light wood.

Design Cabin 4

Design Cabin 5

Its large front windows allow continuous natural lighting during daylight hours. During the night, the halogen-based internal lighting system maintains this self-sufficient cabin with adequate lighting, more subdued in the sleeping area to allow a better rest.

Design cottage 7

In short, an ideal house to miss a few days and enjoy its incredible views. A privilege that connects us with nature in a genuine environment.

Design Cabin 6


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