Beautiful and colorful rooms for kids

These small beings, full of energy and vitality, that populate our homes deserve a space of their own where they can develop their personality. The decoration of any children's room, except in the case of babies obviously, should begin by involving those who will make use of said space. We have selected a good collection of beautiful and colorful rooms for children to try to facilitate the task.

Rooms for kids 1

The child must be aware that his room is his personal space and therefore must be present in the evaluation of decorative options and decision making. Besides, we must also take into account your safety and ensure that you have things at your fingertips.

Rooms for kids 2

When it comes to rooms for babies it is clear that they can not intervene and it will be the mother who must make the decisions about it. These rooms are important to be in the quietest part of the house and have a good system to adjust the brightness. And although now the baby will not need much space if they will need all the accessories that are usually used with them, changing, bathing and a long etcetera. The mother will need a place to sit to nurse the newborn so it is interesting to add a comfortable armchair to the furniture.

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A few years later we will have to accommodate the room to the child who will need a space to put their things and where to play. Shelves, cabinets and other storage accessories will be essential to keep your thousand and one toys and knick-knacks.

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Rooms for kids 7

Here we have two well-differentiated examples, vivid tones in one and pastel tones in another. This will possibly be one of the most important decisions to make. Pastel tones the truth is that they have long been in the world of children's decoration and the bright colors are pushing hard but you can use perfectly either of the two trends.

Rooms for kids 8

Rooms for kids 9

Spaces for fantasy and social relationship must be accommodated in the room. Although the kids do not need much to develop any of the two activities mentioned but if we can be perfect a sheltered place that helps them to dream and a place to meet with their friends or brothers to carry out activities in common.

Rooms for kids 10

Rooms for kids 11

A light fabric can hang from the ceiling in any corner of the piece and we already have that veil that will hide them from sight and take them to other worlds.

Rooms for kids 12

Rooms for kids 13

What child does not like to climb to the top? If we can, installing a loft will be another fantastic option when the children are a little older and have fully developed their motor skills. We are talking at least 5-6 years or more.

Rooms for kids 14

Rooms for kids 15

There are spectacular rooms and others much simpler but with a bit of care and affection we can build a beautiful children's room without having to derail our budget.

Rooms for kids 16

Rooms for kids 17

The tree house or a simpler version is much easier to do than it seems if the kids are lucky enough to have a DIY dad. The night skyline is a great idea to have a dim light in the baby's room and is of course an interesting DIY option that anyone can carry out.

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