Beaded curtains to separate environments

The separation of environments in a home is, in general terms, a task that corresponds to walls, partitions and sliding doors. Another quite common solution is to place screens, so we bring this proposal, which may not be unknown: separation of rooms with curtains of beads. An opportunity to differentiate corners in a decorative way and at the same time light, without the heaviness of the load-bearing walls, giving the house a different style.

Curtains of beads 1

The richness of this proposal is mainly in the variety of accounts we can find, making very different curtains and adding new colors and different lighting to the room. We are facing a solution that favors environments recreating the beauty of some luxurious homes from other eras that already used this resource.

Beaded curtains 2

What is recommended is that the beads that form the curtain are not too heavy or even that it is not made with many "arms", to avoid excessive noise when brushing or hitting it, even to be annoying. A few strings of accounts will be sufficient, not too far apart, and especially that they are placed in places that do not impede the passage.

Beaded curtains 3

Beaded curtains 4

We can also vary the height of these original curtains, a good option if we put them on stairs, or in a bedroom, as if they were the canopy of the bed. But, in any of its variants, these precious dividers will become a focus of looks and a beautiful decoration on the margin of the most standard proposals.

Beaded curtains 5

Beaded curtains 6


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