Bathrooms with tropical style

It is not the first time that we talk about the benefits of having inside plants , in addition to the decorative beauty with which they contribute. His presence makes life happier and better. Almost any place in the house is a good place for these little friends to grow, as we will see below.

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In the case of bathrooms , the plants add a tropical air of the most attractive, turning this space usually closed in a different place, more relaxing and warm, more inspired.

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However, if we want these plants to grow with energy, especially if we plant Brazil trunks, potos or some small tree, we will need a lot of air and enough light. Ideally, the bathroom connects to the outside by means of a small patio or window, that is, that meets the necessary conditions for plants to develop without problem.

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They are spacious bathrooms that include many details, where not only plants make this tropical climate so personal and fascinating; other elements also come into play, such as wicker furniture or old wood (far from the humidity areas, yes), mosaics in green, a small pond with water lilies on the water (incredible this option), decorative stones, abundance of cream and toasted colors ...

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To turn your bathroom into a small tropical forest inside the house, you can start by choosing a corner with light to place your plants. If you have no light or possibility to adapt the bathroom, you can finally opt for artificial plants or small plants that do not require light, which are also available; Maybe they will not be the same, but they will fulfill their decorative function perfectly. Add wooden bowls, furniture for towels in rattan, wicker or wood, green details ... Everything that makes this toilet area in a tropical jungle home, an unbeatable setting to give you a relaxing bath.

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