Bathrooms with striking wallpaper

Wallpaper is an unexpected coating material in a bathroom that always produces surprise and admiration. If we want a striking decoration in our bathroom, resorting to wallpaper is a very successful option. Below we will see a few examples of the great role that wallpaper can play in the decoration of any bathroom.

Bathrooms with striking wallpaper

Here we have played with two different shades of red to create an impact decoration and that gives this small room a new dimensionality. It is topped with a simple bouquet of red and yellow flowers to have a very personal decoration.

Bathrooms with wallpaper that surprise 1

Even using a sober palette, in black and white, the impact is assured by the floral design chosen for this small toilet. It has achieved a retro look of great interest. Surely you will wonder if it is a good idea to use wallpaper in an area as humid as the bathroom. The truth is that the quality of the specialized product that is currently on sale is exceptional. We can find wallpapers designed and made for humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens that resist splash water and high humidity.

Bathrooms with striking wallpaper 2

This hilarious wallpaper can be a great idea for bookworms. The great lovers of reading we take the books anywhere. So how about turning our bathroom into a whole library? A decoration for people with a lot of humor.

Bathrooms with striking wallpaper 3

And from humor we turn to glamor with this fantastic wallpaper with lip motifs. Ideal to give a feminine touch to our bathroom or toilet. An excellent idea to start the day with high self-esteem.

Bathrooms with striking wallpaper 4

A sober and neutral bathroom is converted by wallpaper art into a pop style bathroom with a certain retro flavor. Wallpaper is always a good option when we want to highlight a wall.

Bathrooms with wallpaper that surprise 5

In the style of the "chinoiseries" but with zebra motifs that might lead us to call it "Africaniseries"? Good apart from jokes this yellow wallpaper and patterned with motifs of zebras and arrows will not leave you indifferent.

Bathrooms with striking wallpaper 6

This wallpaper imitates the damask but with a really unexpected object such as the hydrants. Contemporary review of a classic design. And of course you can not miss floral and plant motifs and birds of course.

Bathrooms with striking wallpaper 7

For the bath of the kids or an adventurous bachelor, real or imaginary, nothing like this wallpaper in navy blue and naval prints. A very masculine look that will not displease the sea lovers at all.

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