Bathrooms with romantic inspiration

The romantic style flood of light these bathrooms , decorated with many details: fluffy fabrics, lace, flowers, lamps and mirrors, basketry ... They have an undoubted feminine personality, although they are valid for all kinds of contexts. Roses abound, blue and, in general, pastel shades and, of course, white. They are very stylized designs, which sometimes remind us of the baths of previous times to ours. Of course, it would not be difficult to imagine a queen in her palace bathing in this first image so sophisticated ...

Romantic baths 01

These baths seem to be made on purpose to awaken our most dreamer and at the same time naive side. They have a carefree and flirtatious character. One-piece bathtubs, instead of showers, stand out as protagonists and can be decorated with curtains or surrounded by foamy carpets. Something that is not very usual in the bathrooms of today, it is true, but that creates a delicate and very beautiful scenario.

Romantic baths 02

Romantic baths 03

Romantic baths 04

The romantic style of these bathrooms is complemented by elegant mirrors and sophisticated cut furniture. But we can also introduce rustic elements, which are very appropriate, creating a more subtle but equally flattering romantic atmosphere, as well as vintage elements. We are facing a style that clearly awakens our most vain and presumptuous side. Who would not want to preen and take a bath in these divine spaces?

Romantic baths 05

Romantic baths 06

Romantic baths 07

Romantic baths 08


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