Bathrooms with a color note

To escape the monotony, in these bathrooms it has opted for a full-color decoration, introducing the change both in walls and floors and in the furniture itself. The color enters the scene with force and is highlighted by good lighting. In some cases we find smooth walls and in others, mosaic edging. Whatever the chosen tone, it brings freshness and novelty to the surface, creating a new concept of style.

Bathrooms in full color 1

A bathroom blue with mosaic detail is an elegant break with respect to the classic white. The light blue stands out among the straight lines and the rectangular tile achieves an effect of greater space and amplitude. It is also relaxing, because it creates a cozy and clean climate. Without a doubt it is a good choice for those who seek sobriety and style.

The pink It is a tendency when creating very young and dynamic spaces. In this bathroom with pink tones has chosen to contrast a pastel pink with a fuchsia range very cool and refreshing. Above all, the balance has been sought through white furniture. These contrasts of colors help counteract possible visual saturation and make the space look more careful.

Bathrooms in full color 2

This bet on Red And a little orange It prints personality and warmth to the bathroom. The mosaic chosen for the wall stands out for its modernity and vividness. Below, an orange covering the smooth walls fills the atmosphere with joy. Both are good choices if what we seek is to conceive energetic atmospheres and absolutely corseted.

Bathrooms in full color 3

Bathrooms in full color 4

The green used for this bathroom is very relaxing and relaxed. It produces calm and an effect of well-being and peace, really very Zen.

Bathrooms in full color 5

We return with the Red , this time red passion. As we can see, in this first picture a perfect balance between red and White . Modernity and clarity in equal parts. In the second image, a floral print on red becomes rejuvenating and cheerful.

Full color bathrooms 6

Bathrooms in full color 7

Finally, this bathroom with floor black and pieces of the same color is elegant, modern and functional. It is played with white and black in an experimental but practical way. A style closer to minimalism and the latest avant-garde.

Bathrooms in full color 8


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