Bathrooms: open or closed?

We live in the period of open spaces in decoration. It's the latest, open kitchens, open living rooms, lofts, decorators seem to direct all their work to create open spaces to live. But of course when the subject comes even to the bathroom there are people who are not willing to reach that point.

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It is true that we are not talking about the communal toilets used by the ancient Romans for example. No, the thing does not reach much but it is true that some decorators are considering that the bathroom itself or the bathroom area is an open space to the bedroom.

The area to evacuate our bodily waste is closed. It is the option that defends for example the French interior designer François Champsaur who has directed the remodeling of the rooms of the Hôtel du Ministère in Paris under this premise.

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On the other hand, the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Alberto Eiguer in his book Votre maison vous révèle It maintains another conception radically opposed to understanding that our house should be our private refuge. And not only the house but also each dependency where those who live under the same roof find the appropriate places to close themselves and look for that peace and tranquility that is only found in moments of solitude and physical isolation. The bathroom, the sauna thus become healthy spaces that act as a cocoon where we feel happily isolated. The house comes to say Alberto Eiguer is no more than a reflection of our personality and as such we have to decorate it and adapt it to our particular needs.

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