Bathrooms on natural stone

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by old houses built in natural stone , we find these examples of bathrooms perfectly adapted to the environment and with a rural atmosphere of the most welcoming. Bathtubs and washbasins blend perfectly with the granite architecture. The rough surface of the walls contrasts with the delicacy of the bathroom furniture, resulting in a combination of the most effective.

Bathrooms with natural stone 1

Is bath It has been located inside a stone block, taking full advantage of the natural elements to create a new concept of rustic stay that brings us even closer to nature. Arches and high stone vaults provide amplitude of spaces, while the light of the sun strikes directly by small windows and glass doors.

Bathrooms with natural stone 2

Bathrooms with natural stone 3

The balance formed by the contrast between the hardness of the stone and the fragility of the glass of the screen of this shower is cozy and beautiful. The thick walls give a sensation of seclusion and completely isolate us from external temperatures.

Bathrooms with natural stone 4

An example on how to take advantage of a block of stone as a cupboard-shelf to store utensils. The old becomes once again a trend and helps us create timeless spaces as magical as this one.

Bathrooms with natural stone 5

We can not forget the plants: they illuminate and embellish the environment even more. Small hanging plants poking over the tub, and a red curtain to create a dim light at sunset.

Bathrooms with natural stone 6

The solidity of the walls serves as a refuge for this incredible corner, where we have an example of how with details as simple as the placement of a small container with flowers or ceramic ornaments on a wooden table you get a perfect interior to place the Bathroom towels.

Bathrooms with natural stone 7

As we have seen, with just a few details we can obtain unbeatable results. Bathrooms with very good vibrations in really authentic spaces.

Bathrooms with natural stone 8

Bathrooms with natural stone 9


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