Bathrooms lined with slate

Within the different types of wall coverings, the Board It is one of those materials that draw attention for its elegance and for being infrequent. In these bathrooms, the slate becomes protagonist to give modernity and a point of sophistication to the whole.

Slate coating for the bathroom 1

The slate is, within the stone cladding, a dense, large and gray-black rock, usually, which transforms the interiors into authentic beauty with its mere presence. Both walls and floors are covered with it in these minimalist-looking bathrooms, which, reduced to their minimum expression, allow this rock to support all the decoration.

Slate coating for the bathroom 2

The contrast with the white of the toilets and other bathroom furniture is very plastic and clean.

Slate coating for the bathroom 3

Even the slate shower tray is a piece of indisputable beauty, as well as being a material that gives a lot of support. Look also at the detail of the white lateral stones.

Slate coating for the bathroom 4

Not only can you find shades of black or gray, we can also have others in shades more bluish or yellow, such as this bathroom full of style, with ceramic furniture, a composition that goes out of the ordinary:

Slate coating for the bathroom 5


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