Bathrooms integrated into the bedroom

It is increasingly common to find bathrooms integrated into one's own bedroom , not as a different room, but as one more surface of these rooms. Both areas can be separated from one another by means of a glass screen, so that a certain intimacy is facilitated, or directly is made by placing the bathtub in a corner away from the bed.

Bathrooms integrated into room 1

But it is not uncommon to find the bathroom area next to the bed itself, in an unexpected fusion of environments that is a novel proposal but, after all, also comfortable and practical.

Bathrooms integrated into room 2

Bathrooms integrated into room 3

Bathrooms integrated into room 4

In this way the bedroom is established as the place of greater privacy of the house. It is a private plot, completely designed for rest and daily hygiene. This proposal to unite both places is not so crazy, judging by the images that we show you. On the contrary, it keeps a deep coherence, and the solution of separation through the glass is aesthetically good. It adds a lot of harmony to the whole.

Bathrooms integrated into room 5

Bathrooms integrated into room 6

Bathrooms integrated into room 7

It constitutes a twist to the distribution of spaces inside the home. They are multidisciplinary spaces, if we want to call them that. It does not have to be all divided, now you can merge environments that marry perfectly: the kitchen with the office or dining room, living room and kitchen, bathroom and bedroom ... Instead of aparcelar, contemporary houses tend to create a much more open space, thus connecting some rooms with others, opening the space instead of closing it. And leaving, therefore, a much brighter interior, which does not create a feeling of overwhelm but is a guarantee of well-being.

Bathrooms integrated into room 8

Bathrooms integrated into room 9


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