Bathrooms in zen style

In Japanese culture the bathroom plays a very important role. It is not only the place to cleanse the body but also for the spirit to find calm and tranquility. To this end they usually provide everything necessary for this and that the passage through this stay is not simply an inescapable obligation but a joyful and relaxing experience. If you plan to renovate your bathroom or you are building your house, here are some ideas to make your bathroom a special corner too.

Zen-style bathrooms 1

A bathroom in Japanese zen style has many points of contact with the decoration of a garden of the same style. The nature in a bathroom of this style must be present to a greater or lesser degree according to the possibilities of course. In the image above we have what would come to be the ideal, spaciousness, stone, wood and the lush garden surrounding the room.

Zen-style bathrooms 2

Zen-style baths 3

Of course, everyone can not collect so many elements. But it is important to use plants to decorate the bathroom. As well as the presence of stone and wood as elements of nature. We must also think about lighting, if possible, it is also convenient that it is natural but if it is not possible we will replace it with an artificial lighting of warm and soft tones. Let's think that we look for peace and tranquility and for this the type of lighting of the bathroom is fundamental.

Bathrooms in zen style 4

A window, a dry tree and a bathtub surrounded by pebbles would be a fairly complete interpretation of a bathroom in zen style. Bathing in the bathtub, essential oils and salts are also necessary in this way of understanding the stay in the bathroom.

Zen-style baths 5

Zen-style bathrooms 6

It is clear that we would all stay with these wonderful bathrooms overlooking the outside but we can also adapt this style to our personal circumstances and make this piece of the house a place of peace and tranquility for our tired spirit.


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