Bathrooms in pop style

The style with pop elements allows redecorating the bathroom in a fun and colorful way. This style is a guarantee of modernity and allows us to use it thoroughly with paint, as it allows the use of very electric colors in combinations of very different shades. With the pop style, your bathroom will shine with great dynamism. We propose some ideas for you to pass this style with conviction.

Bathrooms pop art style 1

In addition to the colors used, in the pop-art style highlights the presence of works of art or drawings typical of icons of modernity on the walls. So we can see the classic comic book vignettes , abstract painting pictures and even portraits of stars of cinema or the world of rock. As for the furniture, in the pop style the classic is challenged and they propose ultramodern furniture pieces , often in geometric shapes, delicately polished.

Bathrooms pop art 2 style

In this proposal, highlight the pop details as a mural, but note how it is combined with a classic plain wood furniture, creating a space of great beauty. Both styles merge into one and give rise to a very personal decorative space. It is a very attractive proposal, an option with style that in no case breaks the harmony. The mixture of styles, if you know how to do well, can be certainly attractive and give a different air to the home.

Bathrooms pop art 3

Another proposal with pop elements in a minimalist bathroom. As you can see, everything very urban and contemporary:

Bathrooms pop style art 4

In this latest proposal of the day, highlights a bathroom with ultramodern toilets and a very pop note in the picture of the rock star Iggy Pop (even his name is proud of it). It is these small personalized details that can completely transform the style of a particular place in the house, such as the bathroom.

Bathrooms pop style art 5

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