Bathrooms decorated with multicolor brushstrokes

In decoration, the use of colors usually works miracles in a certain room of the house. Transforming a bathroom, for example, in a more luminous place, is something within the reach of any person and quite simple to achieve. First we choose a series of colors and then we will couple them on the decoration with the guarantee that the bathroom will look more stylized.

Colorful baths 1

The play of light on the colors and the contrasts achieved between different tones play an important role in the final vision. The use of color mosaic as a coating can give more joy and propose a specific style. The goal has to be clear: break with the monotony.

Colorful baths 2

A good proposal is to introduce colors through the accessories that make up the bathroom: baskets, stools, shelves, curtains, towels, soap dispensers ... everything that is part of the microcosm of this place in the house.

But we can also choose a color and a theme and set the bathroom with him, as this suggestive proposal in green, which achieves an absolutely fresh and natural environment:

Colorful baths 3

The color details can make a room bright if we choose more vivid colors, for example an apple green, a fuchsia pink or an electrifying orange. It is not necessary to abuse color; small brush strokes will suffice to achieve our goal, as well as playing with contrasts in blocks of color.

Colorful baths 4

Colorful baths 5

The colors help to reorganize the bathroom, to structure the decoration visually and to stylize the environments, achieving more youthful environments.

Colorful baths 6

Also more romantic, playing with color and designs, as in this beautiful bathroom in turquoise and white:

Colorful baths 7


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