Bathrooms covered with polished cement

Any of the finishes that can be obtained based on cement have become a decorative trend that has only grown in recent years. The polished cement has the advantage of offering smooth and uniform surfaces that make its use more pleasant.


Keep in mind that concrete or concrete and all the finishes that can be achieved with cement, whether polished or not, will need some protection so that they do not absorb too much water in an environment as humid as a bathroom. While it is true that the polished cement is much more resistant in this regard.


When we are going to use the cement in the decoration of a bathroom we can use it as a coating of floors, walls and ceilings as to form the different elements of it. So we can make the bathtub and the sink with this material.


The possibilities are unlimited as well as the combinations with other materials that we can carry out. Normally this finish is used in bathrooms of minimalist or industrial style, although it can also be used in many other styles in greater or lesser proportion.



Straight lines seem the most natural tendency to work with any element made from cement. It is the most normal and also the most common geometry in minimalist decorative styles.


Although this does not prevent you from introducing curvilinear elements such as this beautiful bathtub. It will be a nice way to create a striking contrast effect.




The cement can be used alone or in combination with other materials. The most common are iron or steel, stone and wood.




The wood is ideal to combine with cement and concrete finishes as it introduces the warmth and naturalness that they lack. It can be used as a wall and floor covering, as a raw material for furniture or as a structural element.


You can also combine various materials together with the cement. Here we have represented several of them, metal, wood and cement.


This small sink has a concrete or concrete structure and a wooden shelf that combines with the mirror frame. An original way to introduce cement in a decorative style so far from the usual for this mateiral.




The combination of wood and cement is often found in the sink area. We can find countertops and wooden furniture for this piece of bathroom that will contrast with the floors and walls covered with cement. Although it is also the case that both materials are combined in the creation of the washbasin cabinet.


A material to take into account for the decoration of our bathroom both for its aesthetics and for the qualities of resistance, durability and no maintenance.


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