Bathroom: Personality and Style

For being one of the most personal environments of the house, the bathroom must have a design that allows style, aesthetics and privacy.


There are new concepts in furnishing for bathrooms that stand out for their excellent quality, refined beauty, purity of form and impeccable functionality.
The model Lilyum, developed by furniture Johnson has hanging modules that provide the necessary touch of originality for this type of furniture and allow a better cleaning. Presents a modular vanity with extensive assembly options, and is easily adaptable to spaces.
The furniture has curves, glass doors and a white lacquered finish, elements that increase the elegance of the entire bathroom.
In the functional level are curved drawers, and a curved upper column, both with ample space saved, while the sides of the drawers have thermoformed polymeric coating on the Johnson sliding doors with a self-closing system (automatic closing and self-locking).
As we have said, the choice of Johnson furniture is a smart choice.


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