Bathroom in black option or challenge?

We see in magazines of decor and interior design and in blogs dedicated to the same subject many bathrooms decorated in black, not only some elements but completely black. Some of them are beautiful and we may be attracted to them but I always have doubts as to whether they will be practical. Obviously they should not be a paragon of pragmatism, the black surfaces and especially when they are bright betray even the slightest speck of dust, I do not say traces and spots of lime. The latter if it is already a nightmare in a bathroom with the white sink I do not want to imagine what a black sink will look like, you will have to buy anti-scale cleaning products wholesale.

Bathrooms in black 1

Two examples of bathroom in black, modern and contemporary lines, in the first one the bathtub has been kept in white as a contrast and in the second the washbasin.

Bathrooms in black 2

Bathrooms in black 3

Bathrooms in black 4

In the upper bathroom we chose a black stone covering with a slight white tinge and in contrast the steel stool and the white washbasin and mirror. In the lower image with the mirror and the black washbasin cabinet only the transparent stack gives some contrast.

Bathrooms in black 5

Bathrooms in black 6

In the image above, the white toilets seem to float in the dark like fantastical presences, in the lower image the frame of the mirror and the sink give a psychedelic note to the dark bathroom.

Bathrooms in black 7

Bathrooms in black 8

As a general tone we can see that usually always included some contrasting element so that the monotony of black is not so overwhelming. Anyway, I think the battle is lost, we can see these bathrooms rather as designers' challenges than as real options. Although some element in black or even the floor or part of the wall covering can be done in black, the entire black bathroom is an unrealistic and not at all practical option.


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