Baskets to organize the bathroom

A practical way to have the bathroom organized is by placing baskets (wicker or any other material). These provide us with extra space when it comes to keeping our utensils and thus not having them in the middle, while also serving as a decorative element. They are useful, do not take up too much space and can also be beautiful elements thanks to their many colors and shapes.

Organize the bathroom with baskets01

These baskets will allow you to save everything with great care, especially the cleaning supplies that you are going to use, as if they were small compartments. An interesting proposal for all those who do not have more space to place a new piece of furniture or lack space in the drawers.

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Organize the bathroom with baskets03

Organize the bathroom with baskets04

The classic wicker baskets in brown are very suitable for bathrooms with rustic tendencies, complementing this style and giving them a very homelike and country look at the same time. You can use them as a towel rack to keep clean towels, leaving the hangers aside and betting on other storage methods that will prevent them from wrinkling or falling to the floor, as is often the case. The baskets in white or pastel colors are more appropriate for romantic and Nordic-style environments, as they have a delicate point. In black, red or other more striking tones, they fit perfectly in modernist environments and warmer decorations.

Organize the bathroom with baskets05

Organize the bathroom with baskets06

Remember that, with the humidity, some materials can get a little ugly, so it is not necessary to cover the baskets with waterproof fabrics inside, for example. Some already come with this incorporated fabric, or are made of plastic with elements similar to wicker, reinforcing the structure of them to avoid, precisely, this type of cases.

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