Baskets, decoration and storage

The baskets, that classic and useful complement that accompanies us from the mists of time, are fashionable. In their decorative aspect they are a very usable complement for rustic decorations, of industrial air but they also have a place in any other decorative style. Whether as a contrast or complementary element we can use the baskets to decorate any room in the house. Also without losing sight of its original use, storage.

Decoration and storage with baskets1

In this rustic style kitchen the baskets are like fish in the water, it is their original medium and they can be used to store lots of things, from fruits and vegetables to packaged products. We will always find some use and give a touch of authenticity to a kitchen decorated in rustic style.

Decoration and storage with baskets2

Decoration and storage with baskets3

The hall of the house is also an ideal place to decorate with baskets, in addition to complement the other decorative elements will be a practical and original storage solution.

Decoration and storage with baskets4

Decoration and storage with baskets5

In the living room the baskets can serve as great containers, either for a plant or for storing firewood if we are lucky enough to have a fireplace or stove.

Decoration and storage with baskets6

Decoration and storage with baskets7

And in the bathroom we can take a great advantage of the baskets, we can use them as a storage solution for white clothes, hygiene products and other objects that populate the bathroom or as a basket for laundry. Baskets are one of those traditional objects that have so many uses that we just need to have them to find them immediately useful.


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