Basic tips for buying a house or apartment

When we have to buy a house or apartment within our projects, before turning to the task we have to be aware that there is a series of basic tips that we must never lose sight of. Buy not only happens because we like the space. That is why today we are going to tell you what things to take into account to carry out your project and that your acquisition is completely what you expect.


The first thing to decide is whether we will buy a house or an apartment. For this, it is necessary to be clear about our needs, economic possibilities and where we would like to live in order to start a search. If we do not know what we want and can buy, we can make mistakes that can cost us a fortune.

You have to sit down and conscientiously define the above to be able to begin our search. When we already know what we need and where we would like to live, the search task begins. To do this you can do it yourself, taking a tour of your favorite areas, with the help of a professional or consult a bank real estate you know. Visit as many options as you can and walk through each property thoroughly to get a series of options on which to make a decision.

With your clear options, you can analyze and verify each property, both in its structure, state of its facilities, lighting, neighborhood, and renovations it has already carried out. Without forgetting a visit to the Property Registry or government office that is in charge of registering the property of your city. It is important to know the data about their ownership and the burdens that may weigh on the property. As well as, other registry data of the house as the square meters and location of the registry. Do not forget to check if the property is for rent.


Knowing all the above information, another good idea is to visit the property at different times to see its natural lighting, the pace of life of the place and never stop talking with neighbors. It is a good way to know extra data that the owner can skip.

And when talking about neighbors, in addition to talking to them, do not forget to check the state of the property in terms of your neighborhood. The payments, restrictions planned for the owners and always make a visit to the town hall or community headquarters to verify that the taxes corresponding to the ownership of the property have been paid. Avoid all kinds of surprises!

If we are going to acquire the property with a new or a pre-existing mortgage, verify with the bank that everything is in perfect condition and that you can pay according to your budget. Do not look to buy properties that can get you in trouble for paying them.


Make an offer when you are completely safe. Verify all the papers and / or contracts that you will have to sign once the transaction is completed. And if necessary, look for a professional who assists you in these matters. Never pay or make a sign if you have not verified absolutely everything.

And never, never forget that you should never buy a house or apartment if you are not 100% sure. You have to like it, feel it is your place and can meet your needs. If you have a partner or family, take them with you every time you visit the house. That way you'll know if everyone feels comfortable there and that they can make a good decision together.

From the moment you buy your house, you will start a new stage that you can enjoy to the fullest: interior and exterior decoration. Here you can be useful all our tips and ideas to do it. Define your style and there begins the most fun!


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