Basic for your living to look amazing and functional

Having a practical and functional living is almost as important as being nice and pleasing to the eye. And for making our living room comfortable, many times, we make mistakes when buying. Why? Because we do not plan it properly, we do not define a budget or determine the style we want it to have.

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Like any other space in the house, it must keep coherence and continuity with the decoration of the rest of our home. Having that living room of our dreams, that is comfortable and looks amazing is possible, always!

Now, if we are going to take care of remodeling or giving an air change to our living room we should know that there are a series of basics that never but never should be missing. And they are: 1- sofas and armchairs, 2- coffee table, 3- cushions and decorative accessories and 4- lamps. To all these basics we are going to determine them with two things: the color palette that we want the space and the decorative style to have. These two things are as important as the basics. They go hand in hand and depend on each other. What kind of sofa will we choose if we do not know what decorative style we want or what is our color palette? We will not look for a sofa with minimalist lines and bright colors if we have opted for the Nordic style and its palette of neutral and soft colors. This example is what best represents everything we have explained before. And although it seems incredible, people always lose sight of it. They buy a sofa they found on offer and then they add other things they have at home or find a discount without taking the time to analyze them. The result: a real decorative disaster and money totally wasted.

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Even with a tight budget we can get a beautiful living and start with the task looking online is the best option. Inspiration, colors, novelties, quality and good prices. From the comfort of our house and with the best options that can be found, in LionsHome There is everything we need. The variety is immense ... are you looking for that sofa of your dreams? Here you will find it. They look for a coffee table and a rug to delimit the space and give all the style to the living room, everything is in LionsHome. But so that there are no doubts, let's see it better.

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In each of these proposals you will see how the basics are present. Sofas with good presence, style, colors and suitable materials. Coffee tables (not to be missed) next to armchairs of a body, carpets, cushions and other small decorative details. Without forgetting the lamps. That for this stay the house can be standing, to place on auxiliary tables but also hanging. Placing an armchair of a body next to a floor lamp will allow us to create a space for reading inside our own living room.

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Another of the decorative complements that can add, practically to any decorative style, are the mirrors. They give a feeling of spaciousness, they help with lighting and we can find them in a wide range of styles, designs and sizes. Just do a little search and you will see everything they find. But, as a good decorative accessory, it is not the first thing you should look for.

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The order to make our purchases, once we have defined the budget, we have taken the measurements of the space, we determine the style and range of colors will be: first the sofa and armchairs , from them the rest of the furniture and decorative accessories will depart. Second, our center table , which should be appropriate to space, but without losing prominence. Also look for it to be functional and of good materials. Next step, our decorative accessories as cushions, carpets, small ornaments or baskets. Last, and not least, the lamps. Again, do not stop taking risks with unconventional designs. The lamps They can be as it says "the dessert cherry" and make the living decoration look completely. Those who do that when reviewing the room with the gaze we do not notice that something "is missing".

Do you already want to start with the renovation of the living room? To get down to work, what can be left of the magazine!

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