Basic errors when choosing curtains

The proper design of the windows can completely transform the entire room. Here we face a challenge, right between the wide range of textile curtains and cutting options that can easily confuse even the most experienced amateur decorator. Let's follow some basic principles that will clarify our ideas when we see ourselves in this situation.

Errors when choosing curtains 1

Sometimes we make mistakes when choosing curtains, since we rely solely on our personal taste, forgetting about the other nuances that can make a big difference in the overall design of the room. Based on this, we have prepared a list of the most common errors.

Errors when choosing curtains 2

Double curtains and curtains

In this type of classic curtains we must follow some basic rules, the curtains must be smooth or with discreet decorations, small dibulos or stripes and the finer the better. We will opt for curtains made with blends of cotton or linen with polyester so we can wash them at home and will not be wrinkled. The double curtains should be coordinated with the decoration of the room in which they are.

Errors when choosing curtains 3


The curtains, although they are dressing the windows, are a part of the room. Therefore we should not choose fabrics with too strong colors if the decoration of the room is based on intense colors. Only when the decoration of the room is based on neutral colors can we choose fabrics for the curtains in a little more vivid colors.


The use of accessories in curtains, tassels, clamps, decorative terminals for bars and other elements should be as limited as possible. In fact we should only use some of these complements if it is classic decorations.

Errors when choosing curtains 4


It is important to take into account the type of room where we are going to place the curtains, in the kitchen and in the children's rooms we should not install too long curtains. As well as in bedrooms or living rooms, short curtains would not look good either.


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